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Project delivery! 440 tons of seawater treatment equipment shipped
Date: 2020-02-20
Author: JHH

Thanks to the trust and support of Shandong customers, with the efforts of all members of Jianghehai to work overtime, the desalination equipment with a daily output of 440 tons of water has been successfully shipped in the afternoon of November 18, 2019

Each equipment produced by Jianghehai must be debugged and passed by our professional technicians before shipment

Before sales, we will make customized plans for you, and after sales, we will provide you with high-quality tracking services. We have a stable technical team. If there is any problem in the use process, we will give professional guidance at the first time, or arrange specialists to provide on-site services according to actual needs, and choose rivers and seas, so that you have no worries before sales and after sales!

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