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Employees Salon

Open your empty eyes in the morning and go to work again.

Dry and streamlined work, year after year

The old leader next door drank tea and read newspapers, which was as stable as Mount Tai.

The young men under him are enthusiastic and covetous.

Heat preservation cup, beer belly.

So you are willing to be ordinary.

The world is so big, if you don't come, who knows you are a bully?

Are you going to get used to it? Are you ready?

An excellent person like you should have a brilliant life!

Do you remember the oath to conquer the stars and the sea?

The sea of stars has been asking, why don't you come?

Now, are you still dreaming?

Jianghehai shares invite you to do great things.

We are waiting for you, IPO!

What you need is a display platform.

We are looking for an excellent partner like you.

What we give you is the space for you to soar.

Can be an eagle, why settle in a bird cage?

You have no talent.

We. Don't get rich!

As long as you,

Engaged in sales industry

As long as you,

Enough EQ and positive outlook

As long as you,

Diligent, hardworking and studious

Others, here we are!

We ask you to:

Can control customers

Have pioneering spirit

Good communication skills

Refine customer needs accurately

Internal and external cultivation is your secret script for customs clearance!