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Deputy Chief Engineer

Operating Duty:

1. Design water treatment process plan and participate in the project management of water treatment project;

2. Carry out the architecture design and overall design of the product or project, and carry out the research and development of the product project;

3. The technical scheme shall be strictly reviewed and checked.

Job Requirements:

1. Water supply and drainage, environmental engineering and related disciplines;

2. Familiar with ion exchange, reverse osmosis, electrodialysis and other process design;

3. Bachelor degree or above, responsible and professional.

Sales Manager

Operating Duty:

It is mainly engaged in the domestic regional sales and promotion of seawater desalination, industrial water treatment equipment and accessories, and market development.

Job Requirements:

1. Strong communication skills and passion to do business;

2. Experience in water treatment and electromechanical equipment sales is preferred.

Commercial Director

Operating Duty:

1. Responsible for the minutes of the sales internal logistics meeting of the Marketing Department;

2. Responsible for e-commerce platform and network promotion and optimization operation;

3. Responsible for project bidding;

4. Be responsible for business work breakdown supervision, relevant data filing, etc.

Capability Requirements:

1. Familiar with basic office software (such as document layout, header and footer, document directory, etc.), familiar with photoshop, Kingdee system and other software is preferred;

2. Experience in making bidding documents and e-commerce is preferred;

3. Have a good sense of teamwork and strong sense of responsibility, and can work under certain pressure.

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